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Established in 1993 Flying Wheels Auto has provided our clients with affordable and reliable vehicles. I can’t believe its been this long since we opened our dealership. It seems like just a few years ago that me and my dad were buying damaged vehicles and fixing them behind the trailer that we had rented. We used to tie the cars to a large tree in the back and with a come log jack straighten the crumbled body parts. With no money, no shop or cover from rain or snow and hot summer days we survived and managed to move to a better location. But the struggle and hard work continued for many more years and started to pay off eventually. Things have changed over the years but our goal to keep our customers happy remains the same.

We believe in your and your families’ safety and that’s why every vehicle we sell goes thru a complete maintenance regardless of make or model. Our goal is to keep you happy and, on the road, so we can get paid. We have a business just like any other business trying to provide for our families and make our lives better, therefore we understand the daily challenges and struggles that each person may encounter.


Thank you so much for being a part of our team and supporting us all these years. We really appreciate everyone who is considering to buy their next vehicle at Flying Wheels Auto.


Hope to see you soon,


Mac (owner)

Flying Wheels Auto
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